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In the future sometime I hope to get a feature/bug reporting integrated into the site. Until then, just send me an email for any features you would like or bugs you have found.

Current list, in likely order of implementation (assuming theyre added). Next planned major update/edition due early February 2007.
  1. Done in v1.2 - Fix logging resolution on PPC (currently 1 per second) - Also in PPC v1.1
  2. Done in v1.2 - Improve COM port use: manually select COM ports, save COM port for auto-connect
  3. Done in v1.2 - All sensors (eg 300ZX/GTR) do not fit on Pocket PC setup screen
  4. Done in v1.2 - Allow Temp in F, Speed in MPH
  5. Done in v1.2 - Automated setup for standard edition (similar to ppc features)
  6. Done in v1.2 - Redo main GUI for standard edition (similar to ppc, get rid of the buttons)
  7. Done in v1.2 - Custom Sensor: Duty Cycle
  8. Done in v1.3 - Instant Fuel Economy Sensor (derived from speed kph, injector pulsewidth)
  9. Done in v1.3 - Derive Duty Cycle from Injector/RPM so you dont "use up" the limited amount of sensors spots available.
  10. Done in v1.3 - Colour setup for gauges (background, foreground, needle and font colours)
  11. Done in v1.3 - Fix logging so that it doesn't drop packets to keep up like the gauge will (as logging isnt as intensive, but more important not to lose packets for)
  12. Done in v1.3 - Select sensors to show on gauges seperately from logging (eg: so you dont need rpm on a gauge in order to see duty cycle)
  13. Reconnect after connection lost (so you can just have PDA turn off/on when car does and not have to start up gauges again).
  14. Continually monitor fault codes (rather than having to keep retrieving them).
  15. User definable warning levels for sensors (visual + audio options). Eg changing background colour, playing wav, etc. Perhaps multiple warnings possible set at different thresholds.
  16. Ability to reorder gauges (currently preset)
  17. Other Trip Meter Sensors (Fuel Used, Trip Fuel Economy, Trip Distance)
  18. Active tests (use TECU until this is available)
  19. Idle set/Timing mode
  20. Define interface to allow others to create their own customised gauges!
  21. Bar graphs (supplied as an example for creating your own gauges/controls?)
  22. Allow font size +/- offsets for gauge fonts
  23. Peak save function
  24. Time trials
  25. Debugging output
  26. Apply offset/multiplier to sensors (eg KA24DE ecu ign timing? Speedo correction)
  27. Send raw commands, and save these
  28. Real-time graphing
  29. Rom dumping (use Calumsult + old exe until this is available)
  30. Watch/Log rom/memory locations
  31. Display switches/solenoid/relay data (rather than on gauges which is useless)
  32. AC/AT/HICAS Diagnostics