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0000112SoftwareActive Testspublic2010-06-18 13:06
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Product Version1.3.5 
Summary0000112: Request that in future revisions that TP logging be included as a log/gauge
Descriptionwe spoke about this and you seemed to have a solid understanding on the possibility of tackling this issue. i am posting what you said as a refresher to help you come to a solution.

Did you program ecutalk? Would it be difficult to add tp to it? Have you never seen value in adding it? These are not demands or "fix it" statements, just merely conversation.

yes i did write it, it probably wouldnt be too difficult to add it, though im not familiar with the calculations etc for it. no one has asked for it so far.

you can add request for it in bug tracker under consult software menu section on website. if you have any info on how its calculated could add that also. as far as im aware its just a read rom/ram command (C9) for specific addresses, and then some calculation is performed on the data to give some value (i havent done any tuning myself)

yeah i could enter the feature in the tracker (mainly to remind me when i work on software next to look into it). but id just need the info to do it. i.e. the common addresses for fuel/ignition (can probably get em from datascan), and the calculation, and maybe it involves reading some part of ROM to get fuel/ignition maps?

basically if ive got all information needed to do it, then i could probably make it a gauge and allow it to be logged (is this all thats needed, the actual TP value, and you just log RPM and whatever else seperately (injector pulsewidth or AFM or whatever other axis is)?

yes exactly. kinda like a nissan boost sensor. because we all know nissan doesnt use boost sensors.
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