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0000122SoftwareConnectionpublic2011-04-23 11:10
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OSWinMobileOS Version6.1 
Product Version1.3.5 
Summary0000122: Serial Port reconnection
DescriptionI use ECU adapter based on BlueTooth serial port device. So, my PDA isn't connected by wire to ECU. I'd use my PDA as trip computer to measure fuel consumption etc. But ECUtalk dont restore connection to ECU after ignition off/on. Sometimes it restores connection, but sometimes dont.
Steps To ReproduceConnect to ECU, display gauges, watch them. Turn ignition off, after a fiew seconds (5-15) turn it back ON. ECUtalk restores connection to BT serial port, connects to ECU and gauges become "alive" - all works good. BUT if I wait for a fiew _minutes_ before switch ignition ON, ECUtalk doesn't make attempts to restore connection to BT serial port.
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2010-12-09 09:05

administrator   ~0000118

Last edited: 2010-12-09 09:07

Do you have a normal setup (no bluetooth) that you can test this restore functionality with? Is there any way of ensuring that your bluetooth module is 'awake' when you turn it back on?

I havent come across any cases where it doesnt reconnect.

I think ECUTalk assumes the com port is still active, so maybe if turning the PDA forcibly closes the com port after some time, the connection is lost


2010-12-09 17:54

reporter   ~0000119

Hello, Peter.
I made some tests. First of all I wrote ECU emulator for PC.
My PDA with ECUtalk establish Bluetooth serial port connection to PC, and starts working. In GAUGE mode ECUtalk sends some request, but my emul dont't answer. So, I can watch connection requests. If I terminate BT connection and start it after a fiew seconds, PDA with ECUtalk establish BT connection and starts sending init requests. All works. But if I wait 1 minute, BT serial connection can't be established.

I tried to run ECUtalk on another laptop with BT. All works fine - after a long pause BT serial connection is established and ECUtalk starts send Init requests again.

I think, that trouble is in WinMobile or in .Net CF (serial port)

Can you send me part of source code, that retrys open COM port? I want to try fixig this bug.


2010-12-10 14:28

administrator   ~0000120

can you try v1.4.0 beta:

it requires the .net compact framework 2.0 installed on the device:

if the same problems happen in that, then ill wait till i change it to close/reopen the port on reconnects (which I want to do anyway) and see if that makes a difference. my guess is probabaly the BT port is being removed/reinitialised or similar.


2010-12-11 22:33

reporter   ~0000121

Hello, Peter.

Another note:

ECUTalk works on my PDA, it connects by BT to PC.
ECUTalk work fine with reconnection after program start (autoconnect to port or manual connection).
If I dont run my ECU emulator, ECUTalk open BT serial port, makes init request and closes COM port. And it repeat this action every 5 seconds. So,If I switch off BT on my PC, PDA may be try to open COM port. When I turn BT ON in my PC, com port connection is good, ECUTalk trys reconnecting (open COM port, send request and close COM port). When I start emulator, ECUTalk starts working.
Beta version is not tested yet, I'll try it some later.
p.s. Thanks for link!


2011-01-02 15:50

administrator   ~0000122

did beta help?


2011-04-01 17:58

reporter   ~0000127

Hello, Peter.

I returned to beta-testig your ECUtalk.
Problem with reconnect is exist :( 1.4.0 beta dont reconnect at all. It doesn't reopen COM port.

I have some remarks for Beta version
1. Gauges looks much better than earlier ! This is realy nice!
2. Using PDA (winmo, 6.1, HTC Touch diamond 2),elements of main window are close each other than in previuos versions. I think that it's neccecery increase X positions and Y position of each checkBox and Label and ComboBox in 2 times. The same for window size in mobile version
3. I think, that on RPM gauge (on the round scale) it'w worth to write "1", "2", "3" instead of "1000", "2000", "3000".
4. Is it possible to set up Injector size manually by typing value in TextBox for calibrating "Fuel Used" gauge?

So, if you want, I'm ready to beta test your program.



2011-04-18 10:34

administrator   ~0000128

are you saying the beta doesnt try reconnection but v1.3.5 did? can you attach picture/screenshot of the layout showing how close the labels are? I dont think I changed this, maybe it is due to .net 2.0 or your PDA.

yes, probably worth changing to 1, 2, 3 etc on gauges, although i may have set it up so the value shown in logs is same as on the gauges so may not be an easy change.

you can set injector size manually by editing the ini file. there is no typing in the dropdown as it makes it very hard for people not using a stylus etc to have to click the arrow...and i think there was some other problem with it which meant it had to be disabled in .net 1.1, maybe it doesnt need to anymore, not sure.

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2011-04-23 11:10

reporter   ~0000129

As I wrote, v1.3.5 try to reconnect for a fiew seconds after ingnition OFF. Aftert some minutes v1.3.5. stops trying reconnect. V1.4.0 doesn't reconnect at all :(

I write about "1", "2", "3" written on foreground of RPM gauge, current value of RPM should be full (IMHO)
I attached screenshots of v1.4.0. So you can see how labels are close each other.
Regards, Ilya.

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