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Summary0000127: Fuel metering attempt for RD28/TD27 with CSPS
DescriptionSo some of the diesels have a control sleeve position sensor (CSPS) with voltage range 0-5.1v, with effective range 0.4v to around 3.5v (but we will use 0.4v->5.1v, and cap any values below 0.4v to 0.4v, then scale/offset to bring to a 0-100% range (irrelevant whether the top end is 3.5 or 5.1v, as this will only affect the input injector value.

So the CSPS value is essentially the equivalent of injector duty cycle %.

Fuel(L) increase since last calc = seconds since last calc * number of cylinders injecting in full revolution * injector rate in L per second * percent of injector rate the injectors were open for

petrol = deltaS * (CYL/2) * (INJCC/60000) * (injPulseWidth/periodOfRPM);
diesel = deltaS * (CYL/2) * (INJCC/60000) * ((CSPS-0.4)/5.1)

So, it seems like diesel fuel usage would not change with any change in RPM, since the CSPS is the true 'usage' indicator, and CSPS of 2v indicates same fuel usage regardless of engine being at 1000rpm or 4000pm?
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