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0000028SoftwareSensorspublic2007-08-10 11:37
ReporterPeterAssigned To 
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Product Version1.3.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000028: Supported sensors dont always show up
DescriptionSensors that should be supported dont always show up.

Have had one report of hx4700 not showing dutycycle, l/100km with v1.3.3 beta

Have had one report of Orange SPV M2000 only showing a few random sensors in v1.2. Running same thing on a laptop or iPAQ worked every time. Id just put this one down to a dodgy serial driver on the actual Pocket PC?

I haven't been able to reproduce any of these issues or find a possible reason for them, so I'm hoping maybe the upgrade to .NET 2.0 (with its native serial port implementation) may help things.
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