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0000080LCD DisplayUSB/MicroSDpublic2010-04-10 09:07
ReporterPeter Assigned To 
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Product Version2.00 
Summary0000080: Logging to microSD card
DescriptionShould be able to log data to microsd card...both sensor data, and trip meter data also. may face issues of not knowing when a user is going to turn off display though, which may complicate things (just like it does for saving trip meter statistics across sessions)
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2008-09-06 22:21

administrator   ~0000055

will create a seperate ticket for just identifying a sdcard etc for next firmware, so users can test out their cards (and for the early displays, their missing resistor fix for microsd card usage)


2009-06-28 18:37

reporter   ~0000080

You may need to introduce some kind of wear-levelling algorithm to any task that frequently writes to the SD in order to reduce likelihood of premature card failure.


2009-06-28 18:40

reporter   ~0000081

This is applicable to 0000074 as well (it seems that you've got it covered via using eeprom/nvram for trip data though)


2009-06-28 18:44

administrator   ~0000083

i think its the responsibility of the sd card's controller to implement wear levelling - most datasheets do mention that that is a job it does. but i do need wear levelling for the bits of onboard eeprom that will be written to a lot storing current trip data for the other save trip data feature


2010-01-26 23:15

reporter   ~0000094

Perhaps only saving the SD-data when the neutral switch is triggered could be an option?


2010-01-26 23:44

administrator   ~0000095

the wear levelling is all sorted for trip meter (saves every 10s, may increase this to 15s if i need to save more stuff like SD card position) so nothing really tricky there, although i may write info to start of card routinely showing where its up to, etc rather than using eeprom. either way it shouldnt be too much of a problem, the actual writing to sd card itself and compability with all cards etc is whats left.

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