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0000106LCD DisplayTrip Meterpublic2011-01-18 21:10
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Summary0000106: Estimated range suggestion for trip meter
DescriptionThe idea was thrown around that it would be good for the user to be able to input their fuel tank volume and have the display give an estimated range based on current fuel consumption.

With the unit tracking fuel usage, the following may be able to be applied to calculate an estimated range;

(fuel tank volume - fuel used) / current consumption = estimated range

This option would require a 'reset' for when the user refills their tank.

The 'current consumption' would have to be measured over a given distance, either one kilometer or one mile depending on the users settings.

An example:
tank volume = 65L
fuel used = 20L
current consumption = 0.15L / KM

(65 - 20) / 0.15 = 300KM range

As you stated earlier Peter, this option would probably require a message letting the user know that these are estimates only and they should not be relied upon.
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2010-11-06 08:20

administrator   ~0000116

would this be current consumption as in using instant economy, or the current trip's economy? (or the long term economy of all trips)?


2010-11-08 19:40

reporter   ~0000117

I'd personally go with instant economy so I can see estimated range based on current driving behavior at any given throttle position.


2011-01-18 20:52

reporter   ~0000123

i'd go with current trip economy

otherwise its going to be all over the place

i think the reset option would have to be easier to access tho


2011-01-18 21:06

administrator   ~0000124

as for where the tank range should go on the screen, I think the LPH/GPH reading on the trip screens are probably the least useful, so trip and all trips screen could get 'Rng' range estimate (i dont think there is any use for instant estimate for most people).

you only need to reset your trip when you fill up right? so its not that frequent that where it is, is too hard to do?


2011-01-18 21:08

reporter   ~0000125

yeah its not too bad but can it be moved to the top of the list?


2011-01-18 21:10

administrator   ~0000126

will have a look whether they can be shuffled around, as yes you're probably going to use clear trip more often than other ones (which likely only set once, or only after firmware upgrades)

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