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0000003SoftwareGaugespublic2010-04-27 09:38
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Product Version1.3.2 
Fixed in Version1.3.5 
Summary0000003: User definable warning levels for sensors (visual + audio options)
DescriptionEg changing background colour, playing wav, etc. Perhaps multiple warnings possible set at different thresholds.
Additional InformationWould probably be worthwhile to try and include a built-in sound (or work out if any sounds are common to both pocketpc/windows which can be used) or see if there is a way to hook into the standard windows sounds/notifications
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has duplicate 0000072 closed Audible/visual alarms for user defined values 



2008-06-02 12:14

administrator   ~0000049

Added by Schmik in 0000072 (closed as its duplicate of this one)

Screen can change colour, or a audible sound is heard when a predetermined value is exceeded. Little code required, would be very useful and add value to the product.

For example:
The Pocket PC can then be used as a shift light; alarm when injectors are maxed out (100%DC); over heating; a fault code is triggered.


2009-06-22 00:15

administrator   ~0000076

this will probably be in v1.3.5, and will be similar to alerts in ecutalk lcd (which will allow u to have e.g. temp, injectors, speed, rpm, AFM as alerts.


2010-04-27 09:38

administrator   ~0000098

this is in v1.3.5 beta and later

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