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0000039SoftwareConnectionpublic2007-08-19 23:32
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Product Version1.3.3 
Fixed in Version1.3.3 
Summary0000039: Put option in for data flush wait time (this might help people with problems with sensors not showing up).
Descriptionthe time that ecutalk waits after issuing a stop command can sometimes be too short/long depending on laptop/pocket pc etc. being able to change this option can mean laptops and similar can set to a lower value (and hence have quicker startup times) and people having issues with sensors not showing up can try higher values.

also look into when and how often flush is used. maybe this has something to do with it
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2007-08-19 23:32

administrator   ~0000019

now an option so user can change flush wait time. this is time after "stop streaming data" command sent to ecu before it checks for reply. if it checks too early, then the response might not have been received (and therefore missed). if it checks too late, im not sure if this matters, but it will make everything slower (especially startup detection of gauges). default is 100ms (same as beta3)

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