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0000008SoftwareGaugespublic2007-08-05 00:59
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Product Version1.3.2 
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Summary0000008: Define interface to allow anyone to create their own custom gauges
DescriptionWith the use of a public interface, along with some method of compilation and use of a class definition that implements the interface, people could create their own custom gauges.
Additional InformationPerhaps provide a bar graph or the on/off switches as a "gauge" implementation to provide an example to anyone who wants to create their own. Also the implications of it being either .NET Framework (wont work on Pocket PC) or just
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2007-08-03 23:03

reporter   ~0000001

Bar graphs would be awesome, and would be a much more efficient way of displaying info.


2007-08-05 00:59

administrator   ~0000004

at this point i think bar graphs would be the easiest/simplest demonstration of the custom gauge interface, to show people what needs to be done to write their own etc - so ill probably do that.

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