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ECUTalk LCD displays back in stock, Consult plug cables out of stock (2022-03-16 21:30)

In some good news, all our LCD displays are back in stock, we might have the odd covid related delay but otherwise business as usual.

However in some bad news, we've run out of stock of the consulg plug option consult cables, and only have the OBDII ones in stock currently, but we have new cables on order.

Please contact us if you have any questions, otherwise you can purchase the LCD Displays here and the OBDII plug USB Consult Cables here!.

ECUTalk v1.5.0 Software Released (2021-08-12 21:11)

A covid lockdown special, I've done a minor updated to ECUTalk software!
ECUTalk v1.5.0 makes the app a bit bigger by default, adds ROM dumping, and ability to "re-scan" for COM ports.

Download ECUTalk v1.5.0. This release requires .NET Framework 4.0 which most will have already, but install that if you're not sure.

Changes since v1.4
#16 ROM Dumping
#143 Add ability to re-scan COM ports

Please contact us with any feedback, good or bad :) I no longer have a Nissan so aren't able to test it on an actual vehicle.

PS: I can't promise to update the software page on this website any time soon, it still mentions ECUTalk v1.3.5...

ECUTalk and COVID-19 delays (2020-03-25 18:29)

Due to COVID-19 there are worldwide delys in shipping. Currently most orders are facing 2-5 day delays (roughly delivered within the week to Australia, and 3-6 weeks overseas generally).

ECUTalk v1.4.0 Software Released (2019-01-15 21:11)

After over 8 years, an updated ECUTalk software has been released, download ECUTalk v1.4.0. This release requires .NET Framework 2.0, which is part of all Windows versions since Vista.

Changes since v1.3.5
#138 Make size of everything bigger/easier to use
#141 Automatic COM port detection
#142 Have links to drivers, install page, etc

Please contact us with any feedback, good or bad :)

ECUTalk Consult LCD Enclosure now Glossy (2014-10-27 18:38)

Any new displays purchased will now come with a glossy black enclosure in the new slim form factor, similar to this one shown below (it is from an old batch before the current slim ones were made). New pictures of the new slim glossy enclosure will be on the website soon. This change is due to a change in enclosure manufacturers as the current one is closing down.

ECUTalk Consult Glossy Enclosure

To purchase, just visit the ECUTalk LCD Display page.

ECUTalk LCD Quick Reference Guide (2014-02-25 12:52)

Patrick Adams, one of the user's of the LCD display, has written a quick reference guide for navigating around the display. It is written for his diesel engine Elgrand, so some of the features/sensors will be different for other vehicles, but the core of the displays features and how to get to each of them is shown. You can view it here. Many thanks to Patrick for taking time to make this.

New batch of ECUTalk Consult LCD displays (2012-05-08 20:44)

The changes for this batch are (see below for new display and size comparison with old):
  • Enclosure slimmer - reduction of depth, from 33mm to 26mm
  • The onboard alerts buzzer is louder now
  • MicroSD slot is easier to access (but still not used yet, reserved for future use
  • Change of USB socket to be the smaller A type (note - port is solely for connection to laptop, not for any USB devices)
To purchase one, go to the Consult LCD page on this website.

ECUTalk Consult LCD Slim ECUTalk Consult LCD Slim Comparion