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ECUTalk v1.5.0 Consult Software

The latest version of ECUTalk Software is v1.5.0. See News page for any recent changes. Compared to v1.3.5, this version has:

#138 Make size of everything bigger/easier to use
#141 Automatic COM port detection
#142 Have links to drivers, install page, etc
#16 ROM Dumping
#143 Add ability to re-scan COM ports

See Version History for more info.


See the Screenshots page for more screenshots. All these screenshots are for v1.3.5 or earlier.


  1. ECU part number on connect (23710-xxxxx)
  2. Read fault codes
  3. Clear fault codes
  4. Detect available sensors (metric/imperial options, plus many additional derived sensors including trip meter ones)
  5. View sensors on gauges in full-screen mode (or working area, or manually set co-ordinates by editing .ini file)
  6. Automatic adjustment of gauge size to maximise screen use depending on sensors selected - useful for widescreen displays
  7. Logging to file (very high rate with decent CPU speed)
  8. Automatic connection and gauge setup on program startup, auto reconnection if lost once in gauges mode
  9. Maybe some bugs even :)


ECUTalk v1.5.0 - download (144 kB) - requires .NET Framework 4.0

No installation is required - file is a standalone executable. Download to the desktop or downloads folder and run from there.

Older versions can be found on the Version History page.

See News page for latest news/updates.