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Version History

12/08/2021 - ECUTalk v1.5.0 - download (144 kB) - (save the file, don't attempt to run it from this website)
  1. #16 ROM Dumping
  2. #143 Add ability to re-scan COM ports
15/01/2019 - ECUTalk v1.4.0 - download (143 kB) - (save the file, don't attempt to run it from this website)
  1. #138 Make size of everything bigger/easier to use
  2. #141 Automatic COM port detection
  3. #142 Have links to drivers, install page, etc
15/10/2010 - ECUTalk v1.3.5 - download (124 kB) - (save the file, don't attempt to run it from this website)
  1. #3 User definable warning levels for sensors
  2. #99 TB45E engine does not have bank1 injectors, swap with bank2
  3. #109 Add basic compatibility for diesels
  4. #105 Add extra sequential index column to logging
  5. #108 Russian language has trouble changing alert values
  6. #110 Differentiate between petrol/diesel (as some sensors are shared)
  7. #111 Update error codes (for both petrol and diesel)
  8. #18 Display switch/solenoid etc sensors
  9. #116 Add support for Active Suspension control unit
  10. #117 Fix 'Code 55' for Diesel to say 'No Errors Detected'
  11. #118 Remove Flush Wait Time option (still in .ini)
  12. #113 Make log files .csv rather than .txt
  13. #114 Provide minimum log update functionality
  14. #115 Attempt ED connection if EF fails
  15. #119 Support unlisted serial port names via ini file
  16. #120 Add dec points to Height sensor (inches)/MPG
20/06/2009 - ECUTalk v1.3.4 - download (88 kB) - (save the file, don't attempt to run it from this website)
  1. #90 Allow user to edit ECU ID for initialisation
  2. #93 COM10 and above dont work in ECUTalk
12/05/2008 - ECUTalk v1.3.3 - download (92 kB) - (save the file, don't attempt to run it from this website)
  1. #1 Automatically attempt reconnection to ECU after connection lost
  2. #5 Other Trip Meter Sensors (Fuel Used, Trip Fuel Economy, Trip Distance)
  3. #10 Put font size/scaling for gauges in options
  4. #14 Add offset option timing so US users can get correct timing readings
  5. #22 imperial (etc) option in the options is cutoff with japanese font
  6. #24 Derived sensors should select dependent sensors automatically
  7. #25 Options might not be saved if you dont select another tab before closing
  8. #26 Priority option for ECUTalk (eg so mp3 etc play fine)
  9. #31 When value exceeds gauge maximum, the actual value should be on digital readout
  10. #32 When you read fault codes without having connected to ecu, ecutalk exits
  11. #33 Gauge colour preview doesnt update till you restart ECUTalk
  12. #35 Save long term trip sensor statistics
  13. #36 Clear trip statistics from sensors
  14. #37 Option dropdown lists are editable on laptop/PC (shouldn't be)
  15. #38 check for port open when reconnecting when gauges showing
  16. #39 Put option in for data flush wait time
  17. #41 If using L|T|R|B settings in the ini file, the gauges arent displayed properly if L is far from 0.
  18. #42 Removed console output for few users who have a console setup on their PPC
  19. #55 Trip meter sensors shouldn't keep 'counting' while car is turned off
  20. #58 Prevent 'clicking' show gauges button with keyboard when gauges already shown
  21. #69 PPC users can now utilise the 'working area' option and the LTRB option (ini setting)
  22. #70 Changed default 100ms max refresh to 40ms (equivalent of 25fps)
10/02/2007 - ECUTalk v1.3.2 - download (84 kB) - (save the file, don't attempt to run it from this website)
  1. Fixed issue in v1.3 and v1.3.1 which meant data packets weren't being dropped when CPU couldn't keep up
  2. Increased performance of gauge drawing by ~250% (on my PPC, time to draw a gauge went from ~30ms down to around ~12ms).
  3. Changed code to always draw gauges (even if data hasnt changed) in order to result in consistent amount of packets being logged per second.
  4. Added option to specify minimum gauge update speed - higher value means more packets are logged due to less gauge updates (and hence more time for logging). Eg on my 568 Jornada PocketPC 2002, 10ms = ~5 packets logged/second, whereas 1000ms = close to full 50 packets). The setting ignored when not logging (it will just update as quickly as possible).
  5. Improved consult streaming to allow more data to be read in and processed (rather than lost). Probably the best program for data logging due to the sheer amount of data able to be read in. On my desktop PC, setting minimum gauge refresh to 0ms (ie never skip a gauge redraw, hence uses most CPU), can log 35 packets/second of all sensors. Setting minimum refresh to just 50ms gives the full 50 packets/second. I compared this to Nissan Datascan, which can only log 16 packets/second on the same PC (and thats without gauges shown at all) with the same sensors.
  6. Changed options controls to dropdowns rather than textboxes (i didnt realise id disabled the use of the soft input panel on PPC, so you couldnt change settings). If you want to enter a value other than shown, edit the .ini file.
  7. Fixed logging time output, both to add in the missing leading zeros (eg it would show 7:5:7 for 7:05:07), and also added in a interpolated millisecond value for PPC users (which doesnt have a millisecond capability in standard time object).
  8. Minor changes to individual sensors to better display on gauges, and slight changes to change config (units shown next to sensor rather than down bottom as often the units would overlap gauge).
  9. Added a hidden option for CarPC users with frontends (eg Centrafuse) to manually edit .ini file to set custom top/bottom/left/right co-ordinates for full-screen mode. Example: FullScreenBounds_L|T|R|B:10|20|1000|900. Setting all to 0 will use default method.
05/02/2007 - ECUTalk v1.3.1 - download (80 kB) - (save the file, don't attempt to run it from this website)
  1. Added option to choose imperial/metric sensors under options->other. A restart is required for setting to change effect (setting is saved once you choose a different tab other than "options" from memory).
  2. Added Economy MPG sensor for the imperialists
  3. Re-added EGT sensor, as there is now more room on sensor setup screen for it after removal of both imperial/metric sensors being shown
  4. Changed max timing shown on gauge from 40 to 50
04/02/2007 - ECUTalk v1.3 - download (80 kB) - (save the file, don't attempt to run it from this website)
  1. Added ability to log sensors without showing them on gauges (when logging is enabled, checkboxes have a greyed out checkstate, indicated logging only)
  2. Logging changed so it logs all packets (only gauges will drop packets/not update when cpu is falling behind, but all packets will be logged)
  3. Colour setup for gauges added. Hard bit for you is coming up with a colour theme that looks ok!
  4. Added Instant Fuel Economy Sensor - requires RPM, Injector and Speed kph selected to work
  5. Changed DutyCycle/RH Sensors to calculate values from RPM and Injector/RH sensors (therefore requires them to be logged at least to work)
  6. Fixed Timestamps when milliseconds are less than 100 (3 digits). Previously they would not have leading zeroes
  7. Simplified gauges such that they will only display values within their range (however, logging will show the calculated value) and will no longer auto change their range to suit the values (as occasionally a weird value may be read which causes a unco gauge to be drawn).
  8. Added an option to allow the full-screen mode to only use the "working area" of the screen. Eg, it wont cover taskbar in a normal windows desktop, and for carpc users with special frontends, it may mean gauges display properly if running ECUTalk from within your frontend.
  9. Improved the saving of settings to .ini file. Note that the order of items in this .ini file matters - their names (what is shown before the ":") does not. Eg autoconnect, logging, selected sensors, working area option, injector size, gauge colours, etc are all stored in here.
  10. Removed EGT sensor (it's useless, only ever reads 4.98v)
17/10/2006 - ECUTalk v1.2 - download (68 kB) - (save the file, don't attempt to run it from this website)
  1. Architecture changed to make what was the Pocket PC version into a unified version (can run on standard PC/laptop or Pocket PC), and making it a standalone executable with no installaton required (aside from the .NET Framework/.NET Compact Framework).
  2. Sensors were added for duty cycle (requires RPM selected to work), Speed MPH, and degrees F readings for temperature sensors.
  3. Sensor setup screen was rearranged to fit all sensors.
  4. Automatic connection was reintroduced.
08/09/2006 - ECUTalk Pocket PC v1.13 - download in zip (28.4 kB) or self-extracting zip (92.0 kB).
  1. Has rest of the changes (those specific to 300ZX/GTR) to log column headings to be consistent with other log viewing programs.
  2. Also dropped the beta from versioning, doesnt really make much difference what it's called!
04/09/2006 - ECUTalk Pocket PC v1.12 Beta - download in zip (28.4 kB) or self-extracting zip (92.0 kB).
  1. Has fixes for the Euros so their logs have decimal points rather than commas so the logs are able to be imported into Excel (or other log viewing programs).
04/09/2006 - ECUTalk Pocket PC v1.11 Beta - download in zip (28.3 kB) or self-extracting zip (92.0 kB).
  1. Made ports easier, just select the one you want from dropdown.
  2. No auto detection/connection (but it auto retries after you select it).
  3. Also removed register sensors as they are useless for gauges.
03/09/2006 - ECUTalk Pocket PC v1.1 Beta - download in zip (28.5 kB) or self-extracting zip (92.0 kB).
  1. Fixed logging resolution (now > 1 time per second)
  2. Changed logging format (seperate file each time)
27/02/2006 - ECUTalk Pocket PC v1.0 Beta - download in zip (28.2 kB) or self-extracting zip (92.0 kB).
  1. Initial version
27/02/2006 - ECUTalk Standard v1.0 Beta - download in zip (36.2 kB) or self-extracting zip (100.0 kB)
  1. Improved communications, scalability for different speed laptops
  2. Smoother data display, other minor improvements
12/02/2006 - ECUTalk Standard v1.0 Alpha
  1. Initial Version