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Consult LCD Firmware Revisions

V2 Firmware Revisions

The firmware on displays is able to be updated by the user to add more features or fix bugs. Download the UpdateCommander application below and then download the firmware version you wish to update to from below (extract the .enc file from the zip).

Note: Upgrading the firmware unfortunately means you will lose all settings in the EEPROM - options/injector setup, and time trial records. Also, note you dont have to do firmware updates sequentially, you can go from any version to any other version, e.g. v2.00 to v2.03 or later.

UpdateCommander application - extract to a directory (no installation needed)

v2.00 - Aug 2008 - Initial release
v2.01 - Sep 2008 - Addresses #75, #76, #77, #79, #82, #83, #85
v2.02 - Sep 2009 - Addresses #64, #86, #88, #96 - Use 'Adjustments' at own risk - only if you know what you are doing.
v2.03 - Jan 2010 - Addresses #74, #98, #100, #101 - Use 'Adjustments' at own risk - only if you know what you are doing.
v2.04 - Aug 2010 - Addresses #92, #102, #107
v2.05 - Apr 2012 - Addresses #131, #132
v2.06 - Oct 2013 - Addresses #135
v2.07 - May 2014 - Adds support for displays purchased from June 2014.
v2.08 - Jun 2016 - Mainly for better ZD30 connecting times. Addresses #124
v2.09 - Mar 2017 - Adds Idle Adjustment active test to Adjustments menu.

Firmware Upgrade Pre-requisities

  1. Your Car - for power to the LCD display
  2. Your V2 Display! You'll need the USB cable plugged in, with drivers installed on your laptop. See the userguide or install guide for USB driver installation.
  3. Your Laptop - to run the UpdateCommander program that updates the firmware
  4. UpdateCommander.exe extracted from this zip file - the program that updates the firmware
  5. The .enc firmware file (extracted from the zip) - whichever version you want to update to - see list above

Firmware Upgrade Steps

  1. Turn on the car (not running, just so LCD is turned on)
  2. Turn on your laptop
  3. Connect USB cable from LCD to Laptop
  4. Open UpdateCommander.exe on your Laptop, leave it on the COM port tab
  5. Choose the COM port for your USB cable (most likely the only port displayed in drop down).
  6. Leave Baud Rate at default 115200, leave device type as is (will probably say unknown).
  7. Browse to the firmware .enc file you wish to update to
  8. Click Program - ignore the dialog telling you to power off - do not power off!.
  9. Instead of powering off, you need to reset to display via the reset option in the display options menu
  10. Reset the LCD - go to the main menu, then Options, then Reset/FirmUpgd, then Reset Now.
  11. The dialog should go away and the upgrade should commence, after about 30s it will be complete
  12. Note: Saved settings are wiped during firmware update, so go and re-input injector size/number cylinders etc
If a problem occurs during the update and the display doesnt work as normal, there's 3 ways to get it to update properly:
  1. Just try again - most likely the display will be kept in a constant 'reset' state, and therefore as soon as you hit Program, it will start programming it
  2. The display can be removed from its enclosure, and at the last step as above (to 'reset' it to start upgrade), you would just short two pins together - I can provide details on this
  3. If all else fails, the display can be sent back to me for manual program at no cost.